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68 Responses to “The Scrall Wawl”

  1. is it my fault that can’t find your quasi-hidden easter eggs? you have to put them in plain sight for iddy-ots like moi. (showcasing foreign language skills again)

    and i’m NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!!! yay.

  2. pannonica Says:

    It’s totally your fault, CyWyGy. In fact it’s your fault other people don’t click on them either. Somehow.

  3. gee, now you sound like my boss. i feel right at home here.

  4. thedailydish Says:

    YO Yo YO! Numba four in da HOUSE!

  5. la la la…i’m procrastinating.

  6. oopsie. sorry about the typo. all FIXED. mwaa haa haa.

  7. meanie. now i have a complex. who will listen to my lament?

  8. jimsmuse Says:

    Sorry I’m running late, did I miss the monthly PMS bloat/crying jag/bitchfest activity?

  9. pannonica Says:

    MreeeeEEEEOW!!!      Hhhhhheeeeeeeeeeiiiiisssss…
    >>swat swatswat<<

  10. thedailydish Says:

    man you people are HARSH. curl, just agree to meet w/ them in PERSON already – and spare us all the angst.

  11. nevah! i don’t want to disappoint the natives. what if we all get together and hate each other? or if we have nothing to talk about?

    how about you three clowns get together and let me know how it goes.

    mwa ha ha.

  12. jimsmuse Says:

    You know we’re just going to get together and talk about you, CWG — spare yourself the worry of what we’re saying and join us!

    I cannot think of any occasion where I have met someone I know from online that I’ve taken the time to get to know who did not end up: a) being just like I imagined them, but cooler in person; and b) a total BFF! I’m as insecure as you are because I know I appear to be much thinner and have a less squeaky voice online, but I guarantee you it will be fine! Really!

  13. why are we discussing this like it might actually happen? as if panny would ever show her face. ha.

  14. don’t think i haven’t noticed that you have not commented on my last two posts on my blog. what? after leaving 24 comments on wednesday, you decide that’s enough for the week? ahha.

    ps. i don’t feel like going to BBB. i’ll go tomorrow.

  15. pannonica Says:

    I just didn’t have anything to say about either of them. Wasn’t even comfortable voting. But then again I’m contrarily non-participatory (i.e., not entering those contest-thingys).

  16. pannonica Says:

    There is now exactly one photograph of me extant on the dub-dub-dub.

    As far as I know.

  17. pannonica Says:

    I wish I could put the photo icons in the Galerie des Rogues in two columns.

  18. pannonica Says:

    Dish-bombing scheduled for Thursday?

    CyWyGy: package I sent you was returned to me; took so long because of various unsavory mitigating factors (clarification: nothing about the package was unsavory).

  19. stop trying to send me anthrax. thanks.

  20. pannonica Says:

    Extended clarification: nothing about the contents of the package was unsavory either.

  21. thedailydish Says:


    PS: Pans I need your address. Carrie’s too, please & Thank you!

    PPS: I am going to be in NYC in 2 weeks if any one is around.

  22. thedailydish Says:

    I am sick. I am so sick I sound like a MAN..

  23. thedailydish Says:

    And the bird is glued to my HEAD. Every time I try to pry her off she gets tangled in my hair and starts griping and trying to bite me. Ughhhh…

    I am tired of feeling like doodie and being pooped on.

    How’s your day going?

  24. should i eat cookies for breakfast? yes or [no] (circle one)

  25. pannonica Says:

    My Sisyphean hill is getting steeper, or maybe the boulder is getting denser. It’s one or the other, but not both.

  26. well, i can only hope your boulder rolling doesn’t last for an eternity. glad you semi-back. missed ewe.

  27. pannonica Says:

    At the moment it apparently is.

    I can be maddeningly vague, I know. Sorry.

  28. thedailydish Says:


    What do we want? CLARITY!
    When do we want it? NOW!

  29. you’ve had enough time off. now get back to the bloggy grind.

  30. grr. so 12/3 was just another false start. i guess you’re not back yet. boo.

  31. i didn’t send you a holiday card because i have no idea where to send it. consider yourself ‘wished a happy holiday’.

  32. oh, and today is my sister’s birthday in case you wanted to know. she’s 32. i’m 34. we’re getting old. i really don’t like it.

  33. pannonica Says:

    [scribble, scribble]

  34. jimsmuse Says:

    I’m going to sleep for one hour and then re-starting my day at 5:oopm all over again. Just thought you’d want to know. Please come over and reset all my clocks to A.M. so I am fooled into thinking the last 12 hours never happened. K thx bye!

  35. dude..’sup with your email? i sent you a message and it got bounced back twice. hellooooo?

  36. pannonica Says:

    My e-mail service is flakier than I am. It’s so often down. I don’t know why I stay in the relationship; it’s like battered woman syndrome. I can give you a different one that’s more reliable.

  37. pannonica Says:

    Well, it’s working again for the moment.

  38. Live from my bed (and iphone), it’s ME! I’m sick. Send pity.

  39. pannonica Says:

    I keep looking at the little group of “doodle” badges (RSS, StumbleUpon, Technorati, and Facebook) at the top of the widget sidebar and all I can see is “STFU”.

  40. natalie Says:

    oh, and thanks for your brainy help with my live buttons. yer sooo smart! love it. any other tidbits you’d care to share? and hey, where’s my BIO?!?!?!

  41. natalie Says:

    oh, and ‘scrall wawl’? am i just totally unobservant or is this something new?

  42. pannonica Says:

    I made that change when I started the second page, 47 comments ago.

    Hmm, tidbits… I hate people who think they’re called ‘titbits.’

  43. pannonica Says:

    Let me rephrase that. I don’t hate the people themselves, I just hate when they do that.

  44. didn’t you have a post about books with feet on the cover? i’m running a special on my book blog sidebar just for you–lots of feet. xoxo

  45. pannonica Says:

    I do. Well, it’s a separate page rather than a post, but yes. I already have Life After Genius courtesy of B’L’inker. As for the other two, they have a bit much in the knee-up department. The Scottoline is definitely out, the Megan McCaffery is borderline. I’ll consider it. I’m such a stickler.

  46. pannonica Says:

    Oh wow. I totally missed that the cover of the Jen Lancaster book Pretty in Plaid was just stockinged legs from right about the knees down. Right you are and it goes in the shindiggy collection.

  47. okay…your new incarnation is NOTHING like what i imagined. i heart me? a spinning parasol? surely you jest…

    in my head you’re donning all black, a beret, cigarette holder firmly planted in your maw, white lipstick, and a copy of ‘howl’ in your paws.

    1. pannonica Says:

      Okay, here’s the thing. I have never ever smoked anything in my life and hate tobacco and I think the beats were loser/poseurs. Other than that, the characterization is ok. Except for the white lipstick (white?!?). Don’t own a beret either. But aside from those minor details, I suppose so. Kind of.

      1. oh, christ. you’re such a woman of mystery. play on.

      2. oh…and don’t you know–no white pants before labor day. ahahha.

        pnnsz: To that I pay no nevermind.

      3. a TIARA? who are you kidding here, pal?

        pnnsz: Tee-hee?

  48. pannonica Says:

    The new header image depicts fields of tulips growing in The Netherlands. No color enhancements or saturations.

  49. nat the brat Says:

    i was wondering about that…it looks like skittles.

    ps. i got a hair cut…well, i actually got ALL of them cut, but you know what i mean.

    1. pannonica Says:

      How can you be sure it was every single one? Tip: if you spell haircut correctly, as a single compound word, you can’t really make that joke. It works in spoken conversation only.

    2. pannonica Says:

      Pretty much everything in more than 3 colors looks like Skittles to you, no?

      1. i like candy.

        ps. i broke up haircut so i COULD make my joke. hahahahah.

        pps. i hate yardwork.

  50. thedailydish Says:

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

    I never imagined a movie could feel like such torture.

    1. pannonica Says:

      I had a similar experience watching The Sheltering Sky. Deserts are funny places.

  51. thedailydish Says:

    Never seen it – now, never will. THANKS BABE!!


  52. thedailydish Says:

    PS: How could anything by Terry Gilliam be soooo bad??

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