Hello Dear Reader(s).

I want to apologize for my recent bloggy awolism and accompanying (or non-accompanying, as it were) lack of card-sending, little-gift-exchanging, e-greeting, and general apparent rudeness. I hope you’ll find it in your hearts to forgive me and allow me to make eventual amends.sink-stopperAs you may have inferred (perhaps from my blatant statements to the effect), I’ve been having some very difficult times personally, been despondent and more. For a while I considered letting the blog wither and rot on the vine, as it were. I supposed it was less overmelodromatic than locking down the whole site with a password and less stupid than irreversibly deleting it.

But lo, I have somehow managed to kindle something down there, or possibly inside there, somewhere and returnéd, intending to whip myself back into shape with a bunch of new posts and timely cheer for your reading pleasure. Pleasure, that is, if you enjoy my “torturous” prose (according to jimsmuse), tendency toward obscuriana, and particular brand of randomness.

Stay tuned for some multimedia posts (the easy ones), general musings, and perhaps one indulgent cat post (to scratch on).

Multimedia peek: click here to listen to “There’s a Little Spark of Love Still Burning,”  The liner notes of the CD say, “A 1915 classic as sung by tenor Henry Burr. Henry really belts out this tear-jerker. RCA Victor 17697 (78rpm).”

nb: Audio tracks will remain available for approximately 2 weeks after date of post; if you are interested in hearing something you have missed, please make a request in the comments.