Despite the title of this post, it’s really about grapefruit juice, which is unjustly and severely maligned. Well, maybe just neglected. Now, I’m a simple gal; I don’t ask for too much in this life. (Okay, I admit it, that was an outright lie. I ask for a lot, but I’m sure I’ll find other opportunities to rant about calmly discuss that stuff. And most people who know me wouldn’t characterize me as simple, unless it was part of the phrase “simply impossible.”) When it comes to a juice to drink on a regular basis, I have just one request: I want to be able to purchase grapefruit juice that is (1) not from concentrate, (2) not the cloying pink/red stuff, but the refreshingly tart white/yellow variety, and (3) pulpy (which would kind of easy to do and expected in a not-from-concentrate product, no?). What follows is a survey of the major citrus juice producers’ offerings. (more…)