eek! a EEG‼

"Pay no attention to the EEG behind the curtain."

I’m hoping to use my response to a recent comment on an old blog post (I know, they’re all old here) as a springboard to reinvigorate my latterly distinctly unbloggy ways. Down with dormancy! (more…)

I am sooo tired of seeing that damn flapstick package every time I check the blog, so I’m finally posting something to displace it. Have had a patch of blogger’s block lately, unable to get any entries up here for various reasons.

My solution? Display the aborted posts succinctly and explain why they weren’t used.


More like a premature autopsy.

Just wanted to inform my Dear, Faithful Reader(s) that I’ll be reanimating pannaceaeae in the next 24–36 hours. Since I don’t know what’s going to happen when I republish (undraft?) the accumulated posts en masse, the forensics lab has recommended that you unsubscribe from the blog for the time being so that your Reader or Blog Surfer (especially WordPress’ own) will not be inadvertently inundated. You may want to mumble a prayer on my behalf as well. Can’t hurt.


I am getting on the poll bandwagon. Everyone seems to be doing it, so I am too. Please don’t get the idea that I’m succeptible to peer pressure; it just happens to have piqued my interest at the moment and I’m giving in to whimsy.

So, without further ado, I offer three, yes three, polls for you, Dear Reader(s):

Thanks for your participation!

That’s because I’ve added the gist of the message to the blog’s sidebar.

I’ve been advised by an anonymous but well-placed source that if I want visitors to click on links, images, and other possibly interesting quasi-hidden bits of my blog, I have to inform them that such things are present. This is astonishing to me, but I am duly reporting this to all of you. (Addendum: lots of the images and linked text have tidbits and commentary if you “hover” the pointer over them.)

If I were really sneaky, I’d tell you that it’s kind of like a scavenger hunt, with clues scattered throughout, leading ultimately to a photograph of the elusive pannonica. In truth, however, I’m not that cruel.

Or am I?

nb: The original title of this post was Ewww! This post is sticky!