Just as I’ve noticed whether CurlyWurlyGurly is using IE or Firefoxy, I turned my keen observational skills to the original photographic evidence of her Disturbing Discovery, and I’ve come up with an equally disturbing clue:

the culprit!

2 Responses to “Evidence re: CurlyWurlyGurly’s Disturbing Discovery”

  1. you seriously have some problems!!!!! lol. i was freaking out thinking that my address was carved onto my dustbin or something as a security measure and i unwittingly posted it for all to see.

    upon closer inspection, i can see that it’s actually YOU who carved upon my garbage can.

  2. pannonica Says:

    I know! I was as surprised as I expect you were.

    It’s funny, I don’t even remember being in your neck of the woods (wherever the heck that is). I must have been very drunk and it was just an astronomically remote coincidence that I was staggering around your backyard.

    Anyway, it got me a bunch more views today.

    ·hee hee hee·

    Too bad no comments, though. >pout<

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