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"Pay no attention to the EEG behind the curtain."

I’m hoping to use my response to a recent comment on an old blog post (I know, they’re all old here) as a springboard to reinvigorate my latterly distinctly unbloggy ways. Down with dormancy! (more…)

I’m nearly certain I’m going to resume blogging soon. The tides are lapping at the shore.

More like a premature autopsy.

Just wanted to inform my Dear, Faithful Reader(s) that I’ll be reanimating pannaceaeae in the next 24–36 hours. Since I don’t know what’s going to happen when I republish (undraft?) the accumulated posts en masse, the forensics lab has recommended that you unsubscribe from the blog for the time being so that your Reader or Blog Surfer (especially WordPress’ own) will not be inadvertently inundated. You may want to mumble a prayer on my behalf as well. Can’t hurt.


The Pessimists Mug® Despair, Inc.

The Pessimist's Mug® Despair, Inc.

Just about everyone has seen an oh-so-witty novelty mug or glass of this design, or some variation thereof. Yes, they’re cute, but in truth, when confronted with the concept of ‘the glass being half-full,’ I always imagine it to be either the left or the right side. Bartenders don’t appreciate this.

Even though I can’t shake the thought from my consciousness, as in so many other things (see my early post, Welcome to the Panniverse™ ) I’ve learned to cope with my irregular thought processes and more or less successfully blend into society. After a while I learned to see the ridiculousness of the Left-Right interpretation: one can simply rotate the glass so the left becomes right and vice-versa (or front and back). It’s that whole you-can’t-have-good-without-evil-they’re-both-sides-of-the-same-coin idea. Or maybe it’s a double-edged sword. I think I’m having a crisis of analogy.

Oh I don’t know, it’s all so hopeless! (No it isn’t!)

The multimedia tinkering at P A N N A C E A E A E has gone all 21st Century!

headset2 / Robin Goodfellow


Prosit Neujahr!

nb: 2009 is, among other things, the International Year of Natural Fibres. Want to know how to say “Happy New Year” in even more languages? Check out this page at the website of the Society for the Confluence of Festivals in India (go figure!).

p.s. For the moon to have the illumination as depicted in the second image, the sun would have to be above it in the sky, so it would be daytime. The photograph is a FAKE! You’d think the Germans would be more scrupulous about that sort of thing.

Hello Dear Reader(s).

I want to apologize for my recent bloggy awolism and accompanying (or non-accompanying, as it were) lack of card-sending, little-gift-exchanging, e-greeting, and general apparent rudeness. I hope you’ll find it in your hearts to forgive me and allow me to make eventual amends.sink-stopperAs you may have inferred (perhaps from my blatant statements to the effect), I’ve been having some very difficult times personally, been despondent and more. For a while I considered letting the blog wither and rot on the vine, as it were. I supposed it was less overmelodromatic than locking down the whole site with a password and less stupid than irreversibly deleting it.

But lo, I have somehow managed to kindle something down there, or possibly inside there, somewhere and returnéd, intending to whip myself back into shape with a bunch of new posts and timely cheer for your reading pleasure. Pleasure, that is, if you enjoy my “torturous” prose (according to jimsmuse), tendency toward obscuriana, and particular brand of randomness.

Stay tuned for some multimedia posts (the easy ones), general musings, and perhaps one indulgent cat post (to scratch on).

Multimedia peek: click here to listen to “There’s a Little Spark of Love Still Burning,”  The liner notes of the CD say, “A 1915 classic as sung by tenor Henry Burr. Henry really belts out this tear-jerker. RCA Victor 17697 (78rpm).”

nb: Audio tracks will remain available for approximately 2 weeks after date of post; if you are interested in hearing something you have missed, please make a request in the comments.

That’s because I’ve added the gist of the message to the blog’s sidebar.

I’ve been advised by an anonymous but well-placed source that if I want visitors to click on links, images, and other possibly interesting quasi-hidden bits of my blog, I have to inform them that such things are present. This is astonishing to me, but I am duly reporting this to all of you. (Addendum: lots of the images and linked text have tidbits and commentary if you “hover” the pointer over them.)

If I were really sneaky, I’d tell you that it’s kind of like a scavenger hunt, with clues scattered throughout, leading ultimately to a photograph of the elusive pannonica. In truth, however, I’m not that cruel.

Or am I?

nb: The original title of this post was Ewww! This post is sticky!

To me, one of the nicest sensations in the world is reading a book in which the action takes place during the same time of the year that you are actually reading it. When the author describes crisp autumn air laced with russets and ochres and you can confluentially reinforce it by looking outside the window, c’est magnifique! Quel brilliant!

(I think) most people envision their dream house to be something out of a Condé Nast publication: some pretty-as-a-pin Victorian restoration, something sleek and modern, some Colonial behemoth that Martha Stewart would give her right leg (or whichever’s the one with the house arrest bracelet) to own, something with jaw-dropping views of a natural vista, some luxe penthouse in the sky.

My wants are much more modest. Although a lot of those appeal to me and I probably wouldn’t turn any of them down, except maybe the Colonial behemoth, I’d require just two things: well-designed closets and transparent appliances. Yes, transparent appliances! Dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, washer/dryers, all that stuff. For the longest time I’ve had this desire.

Sometimes you see transparent versions of these devices as demonstration models, but I’d go gaga if I could actually own durable, working ones. (more…)

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