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It’s kind of cute how Fox has these little ‘oopses’ every now and again, especially when it’s suspiciously convenient (although laughably obvious) to their agenda. Many have pointed out the network’s recent ‘inadvertent’ party affiliation misidentification of South Carolina governor Mark Sanford after his return from extramartial affairs in Argentina and I don’t have much to add.

You see, I’m just using his prodigality as an excuse for a quick filler post and another fun, apropos song to share. Today’s multimedia tie-in is…


“Mi Confesión”

Gotan Project
from the 2006 album Lunático

Gotan Project is a Paris-based, Argentina-influenced, tango-electronica group which collaborates with many different musicians and singers. On this track they enlist the aid of Buenos Aires-based rappers Koxmoz. It’s fun.

I am sooo tired of seeing that damn flapstick package every time I check the blog, so I’m finally posting something to displace it. Have had a patch of blogger’s block lately, unable to get any entries up here for various reasons.

My solution? Display the aborted posts succinctly and explain why they weren’t used.


Just a quickie this morning. Here’s list of ten all-time top search terms that landed people at pannaceaeae:

Search Term

No. of Views

hal 9000 161
jumper cables 142
teddy ruxpin 83
medium brown bag 82
marilyn warhol 53
steel drums 52
pannonica 47
hal9000 46
nica de koenigswarter 31
popeye movie 31

My first thought was,
“What have I wrought?”
My second thought was,
“Well, it’s kind of reflective of what’s here.”
My third thought was,
HAL 9000 + jumper cables + Teddy Ruxpin = >SHUDDER!<

Hayden Tompkins recently did the ~enormous~ favor of tagging me for a “meme” list. I put memes in quotes because I’m not entirely comfortable with the sociology/internet-based appropriation of the word, which was originally coined in a more rigorous sense by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins; this may just be my snobby life science background looking down on sociology as a quasi-science.)

I often ignore such requests because (1) I already have a page or two on this blog with all sorts of personal information in that vein, and (2) I tend not to be forthcoming. However, I’m making and exception because (1) this particular iteration is modest, only 7 items, and (2) Hayden has been very nice to and supportive of me and I feel I owe her something.

There’s just been a spate of those “true facts about yourself” so-called memes flying about my localized Internet weather system. I ignore most of them, but thought I’d go on a bit of a tangent and confess some of my weird habits involving cats in general and my not-mean cat Ernestine in particular.

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure from Archie McPhee

Yes, Dear Reader(s), I am still with it. As to what “it” is, I couldn’t tell you. (cf Bill Clinton’s musings on what the meaning of “is” is?) Nevertheless, it and I, having reached some variety of rapprochement, are offering a modest post by way of dipping our toes into the warm milk of human kindness. Wow, that was kind of exospheric. You can see why I and my friends never thought it was necessary for me to do any sort of drugs, no?

Anyway, just to tide over your potentially bated breathlessness* with beastie beatitudes, I’m including a couple of photos of the decidedly not mean-looking Ernestine. She is napping, which, being a cat, she is immensely skilled at, with a friend who looks a little bit like her:

nappy cat

groggy cat

All together now: “Awwwwwww!”

* I know, “bated breathlessness” doesn’t make any sense. So revoke my poetic license. Whatever.
nb: Perhaps little-known fact: Cousin Itt from the Addams Family was spelled that way, with a double-T. I learned this from doing crossword puzzles.

Been over a week since I last updated here. Life is being a problem child again.

Not sure I have the wherewithal at the moment to compose a standalone “interesting” post, so I guess I’ll cook up another musical offering. Maybe sometime tomorrow. Hope my American readers have had a good Thanksgiving. Over and out.

Francisco Goya, <em>Pavo Muerto,</em> 1812

Francisco Goya, Pavo Muerto, 1812

Ellipsis Lamp at LightenUp DesignsNot long ago I noticed that one of the special automatic format protocols that WordPress utilizes has something to do with ellipsis, the series of marks which indicate an omission or pause. (The term derives ultimately from the Greek elleipein, meaning to “leave out, fall short.” It’s the same etymological root responsible for the geometric figure named an ellipse, but the rationale for that one isn’t clear to me at the moment.)

What I observed was that if, instead of three dots I typed four, then the final one would be slightly different than the others:


In the body of a post, that final dot has an infinitesimally longer lead space than the others.

More significant, and where I first clued in to this detail, is in the Comments section. There, not only is the last dot graced by a longer lead, it is also bolder than its siblings. In fact, it’s of the same heft as a full stop at the end of a sentence.

I don’t know if this minutia of formatting behavior is particular to the WordPress theme of this blog (Connections, by Patricia Müller, a.k.a. Vanilla Mist) or if it’s some sort of standard inherent in the base code of the WordPress software. It isn’t critical that I should know this information; I’m just making a (very) minor observation.

Just about anyone who’s spent any time wasting time on the internet has probably come across one of those collections of photographs showing similarities between celebrities, objects, and so on. They’re usually called something like Separated at Birth? or Twins?  Here’s a pretty good example that I came across recently, just in case you (a) have no idea what I’m talking about or (b) can’t get enough of them.

It’s spurred me to share one of those comparisons that’s plagued me but I have yet to come across without the benefit of actually searching for it. Tell me what you think:


If you’re having a little trouble making the connection, I’ve taken the liberty of Photoshopping a couple of minor variants to aid in your perception:


I’m a little sapped of inspiration today, in fact I’m a little sapped of everything today, but I feel I should post something, so here goes. Forgive me if I’ve long ago missed the boat, but here are some things that’ve bugged me for a while yet have somehow escaped my “ranting.” As you may have guessed, it’s going to be another installment of the blogger’s crutch: language usage diatribe! (“Wheeee!”)


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