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"Pay no attention to the EEG behind the curtain."

I’m hoping to use my response to a recent comment on an old blog post (I know, they’re all old here) as a springboard to reinvigorate my latterly distinctly unbloggy ways. Down with dormancy! (more…)

Hayden Tompkins recently did the ~enormous~ favor of tagging me for a “meme” list. I put memes in quotes because I’m not entirely comfortable with the sociology/internet-based appropriation of the word, which was originally coined in a more rigorous sense by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins; this may just be my snobby life science background looking down on sociology as a quasi-science.)

I often ignore such requests because (1) I already have a page or two on this blog with all sorts of personal information in that vein, and (2) I tend not to be forthcoming. However, I’m making and exception because (1) this particular iteration is modest, only 7 items, and (2) Hayden has been very nice to and supportive of me and I feel I owe her something.

No, I’m not quite ready to descend into the lushy undergrowth. That’s just the first line of the song I’m presenting today.

I’m a little preoccupied lately, but I thought I’d post the newest incarnation of the “Multimedia” series by way of oblique explanation. Also on my list of things to get around to this evening is responding to Hayden Tompkins’ meme-tag. She is so good to me.

“Cardboard Boxes”
Loudon Wainwright III
(from the 1984 album I’m Alright)

Folk-rock singer/songwriter hero Loudon Wainwright III is still probably best known for two things he did in the early 1970’s: appearing in a few episodes of M*A*S*H as the guitar-playing Captain Calvin Spalding, and for the novelty song “Dead Skunk.” Wait, I take that back. He’s now most famous for being the father of Rufus and Martha Wainwright (singer Kate McGarrigle is their mother).

p.s. attn: Haydey-scone: although he grew up in New York’s Westchester County, LWIII was born in Chapel Hill, NC.


There’s just been a spate of those “true facts about yourself” so-called memes flying about my localized Internet weather system. I ignore most of them, but thought I’d go on a bit of a tangent and confess some of my weird habits involving cats in general and my not-mean cat Ernestine in particular.

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure from Archie McPhee

The multimedia tinkering at P A N N A C E A E A E has gone all 21st Century!

headset2 / Robin Goodfellow


original photo ©spellingwitch

original photo ©2006 spellingwitch

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