So after I set up some categories in my links section, one of them “causes,” I started thinking about capital-C Causes.ribbon

You know what I mean, the ribbon-worthy ones. Everyone knows that pink represents breast cancer awareness. I don’t know if it was originally introduced by the National Breast Cancer Foundation or the Susan G. Komen organization. But I digress. I was aware that there are others, but I wondered how many.

A visit to the Personalized Cause Guide was eye-opening. There I found 434 Causes. 434. Four hundred and thirty-four. CDXXXIV. 1b2. 110110010. You get the idea. Many. If you’re curious, I’ve listed them all here.

However, there are evidently no causes that begin with J, Q, X, Y, or Z.

I discern a Cause!

Yes, dear reader(s), although there are quite a lot already, I am going to campaign for an expansion of the Cause master list to include neglected conditions such as Jackrabbititis, Q Fever, Xylophagia, Yeast Infections, and Zelotypia.

I hope they have some unassigned colors.