If other websites proffered update questions like twitter and facebook…


“What are you doing?”


What’s on your mind?” (was “What are you doing right now?”)



The story of Little Red Riding Hood is an especially rich source for retelling and reinterpretation, both in popular culture and academia. Freudian assessments, feminist criticisms, all sorts of things (the vast majority of them sexual; go figure). I was recently reminded of this by seeing an informatics type version by Swedish student Tomas Nilsson (see below). Thus inspired, I collected a few old favorites and new finds for your entertainment, Dear Reader(s).

Simple yes-or-no, up-or-down, mustard-or-ketchup poll:

(Just so you know, I was tempted offer an “all of the above” third choice but I just know most people would have selected that one and the results would thus be so tainted that I’d have to wash my hands three times in a row.)


There’s just been a spate of those “true facts about yourself” so-called memes flying about my localized Internet weather system. I ignore most of them, but thought I’d go on a bit of a tangent and confess some of my weird habits involving cats in general and my not-mean cat Ernestine in particular.

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure from Archie McPhee

The results were nearly unanimous.


I should have marketed the T-shirt.

Obamania continues…

Just be thankful I didn’t get around to composing the post I had in mind for Tuesday that was to be titled “Inaugural Doggerel.” It was to be some truly awful verse for the occasion. You are all now officially sparedy-cats.

Today I have for your consumption and, I hope, clicking pleasure a new poll. To wit, What shall we call him?

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