More than you ever wanted to know about me. None of this is in any way useful.
  • I have an intense psychological (and mild to severe physical, depending on the phase of the moon) aversion to mayonnaise, cottage cheese, and sour cream.
  • I’m schizodextrous, meaning that I am able to perform certain tasks only with my right hand (e.g. writing, throwing) and others only with my left (e.g. eating, shooting pool).
  • Smileys, emoticons, whatever you call them, they upset me. I really resent the oh-so teensy one at the bottom of every WordPress page.
  • I’m naturally crepuscular, preferring to be active at dawn and dusk. Sleeping during the day and/or the night is fine with my body, which has either no circadian cycle or a highly unusual one.
  • Coffee makes me sleepy. I can drink a whole pot and go to sleep right after (right after a visit to the loo, that is). Conversely, when I drink it in the mornings: no pick-me-up. Best theory so far is that, unlike most people who undergo a rush followed by a crash, I go right to the crash.
  • One of my goals in life is to never, never ever, set foot in Los Angeles. Not even to change planes at LAX.
  • Is there a word for the compulsive desire to remove price stickers, tags on clothing and associated stitching, and also those things that will set off shoplifter alarms (after you’ve purchased and taken the items home, of course)? Because if there is, I have that. Also the compulsion to fix inverted tags sticking out of other people’s collars; I have that one too. I think I may need to coin some more new words….
  • I cannot blow bubble-gum bubbles.
  • If pressed to encapsulate my worldview-slash-approach to life, I guess I’d have to go with cautiously pessimistic.
  • Hot beverages served in clear vessels make me nervous. At home, this isn’t a problem because we have no such items, but some folks have “classy” glass coffee cups or tea sets. Occasionally a restaurant will try to serve me Irish coffee or some other spiked variant in clearware, which I politely send back, requesting plain old ceramic.
  • My CD collection is arranged by color. Everyone seems to be amazed and bewildered by this revelation, but I don’t know why. I will be posting on the story of how I settled on such a system in the near future.
  • More about chewing gum: In general, I try to eschew it, not because I think it’s a stupid habit or because of sugar or anything like that. It’s due to the fact that as soon as the gum loses about half its flavor, I swallow it without thinking; my mind is usually elsewhere, engaged in some other task (chewing gum doesn’t require too much brainpower, you know) and it slides down my esophagus before you can say, “Double your pleasure with Doublemint.”.
  • If I could obtain a bed blanket of the same weight as those lead aprons used by dentists when they x-ray you, I would love to sleep under it.

16 Responses to “About and on (and on, and on)”

  1. it is clear you require therapy. extensive therapy. your therapist will be begin vacationing in fiji after you become her patient.

  2. pannonica Says:

    Are you surprised? Ha.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahhaahahhaahhahaahahahhaahaahaaa (etc.)

  3. S. Le Says:

    Fantastic! I appreciate your foibles, perhaps because I share some of them….

  4. pannonica Says:

    Thank you, S., but I prefer not to think of them as “foibles” so much as quirks or eccentricities.

  5. Does it please you to know that I clicked not once, not twice but a gaggle of times on “don’t be silly”?
    And I was all, “But I am silly! I want to see what not to be silly about!”

    pnn sz: Oh my no, it doesn’t please me at all, since I hadn’t intended it to be deceptive. It’s a remnant from a particularly sere period on this blog: in response, I created a “Recent Comments” (there are no recent comments) widget and another reading “Popular Posts” (don’t be silly). As some comments rolled in, I deleted the former.

    I guess it does amuse me a little, though. *smile*

  6. Tony Says:

    Oh thanks I never ever noticed the teensy one at the bottom of every WP page before :)

  7. thedailydish Says:

    ARGH! PANS, your site has some adobe movie script which is making my computer go haywire!!! WHAT IZ UP?

    pnnsz: I don’t have any movie stuff here that I know about. Any idea where it might be?

  8. thedailydish Says:

    PS: Love the new header babe – it’s a beaut.

    pnnsz: Thank you, but in truth I thoroughly mangled the original, as described somewhere on the Scrawl Wall.

  9. thedailydish Says:

    I like your list. The first one is funny though. I LOVE mayo. LOVE IT. I also ADORE sour cream. Cottage cheese, not so much. I am a morning person. I do not drink coffee. I am naturally chipper, which annoys many I am sure. I also do not like glass mugs. They provide no insulation. We used to have at least one and I got rid of it b/c I never wanted to use it. It was that last mug in the back of the cabinet. Like those underpants I FINALLY GOT RID OF TOO! WOOHOO!

    pnnsz: Bodum has a line of glassware that’s double-walled but ultra-light. There are styles for both hot and cold beverages, and they’re supposedly very good at insulating appropriately. I’m intrigued by them, but of course would never want to drink out of the ones for hot drinks. Were the underpants also poor insulators? Were they “ventilated”?

  10. thedailydish Says:

    The underpants were v. poor insulators. They were v. poor underpants!

    As for the script error, seems fine now. I am using a different computer though. If it starts acting wacky again on the other, I’ll let you know.

  11. thedailydish Says:

    Got iSketch to work fine on John’s dell. We should play soon!

  12. jimsmuse Says:

    Wow. The correlation between things listed about yourself and things that drive me nuts is uncanny!

  13. Tammy Says:

    I never noticed the teensy smiley at the bottom. Now, I’m going to notice it all of the time. I suffer from a natural desire to remove stickers, especially those ‘Made In China’ ones.

  14. I had NO IDEA you didn’t like emoticons! I’ll stop using them in tweets to you and in responses to your comments. Should assume the same re LOL, LMAO, etc.?

    pnnsz: It’s all right, you don’t need to radically modify that behavior for my benefit. It doesn’t diminish my esteem for you and, besides, they’re so prevalent that I’ve become skilled at barely noticing them. The acronyms aren’t quite as annoying so don’t worry about them at all.

  15. dkpresents Says:

    I’m wondering if you picked up your music organization method from Rob Fleming, the lead character in High Fidelity? At one point in that book, he mentions that he has organized his music both chronologically and by color – both of which spun my brain. You’ve gotta have a photographic memory to pull that off…

    Thanks for the recco on Veedon Fleece. Great album for a lazy Saturday afternoon!

    1. pannonica Says:

      No, it predates the book and the movie. I’m just weird like that. I’m weird other ways too.

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