eek! a EEG‼

"Pay no attention to the EEG behind the curtain."

I’m hoping to use my response to a recent comment on an old blog post (I know, they’re all old here) as a springboard to reinvigorate my latterly distinctly unbloggy ways. Down with dormancy!

The truth is I’ve been preoccupied by Life Stuff. Paradoxically, it’s Life Stuff that has been weighing on my mind (that atrophying organ–see aforementioned recent comment and blog subtitle); many people use just that sort of thing as blog fodder. Unfortunately my approach, historically, is predominantly the opposite: some trivial incident motivates me to make some winky observation(s) and—if I’m really inspired—incorporate it into some pithy pseudophilosophical* idea about life, the universe, and/or everything.

In any event, the scope of my existence is currently diminished and there’s been a corresponding drop in experiential sweetmeats. Don’t be alarmed; I’m not making any veiled reference to a grave, debilitating physical injury, an illness, or anything like that. The result, however,  is that I just haven’t had much interest in creating new blog content. Whether this is for good or ill, that’s for you to decide, Dear Reader(s). Perhaps my approach will change. Maybe I can switch cart and horse, get the blogging bug back and use it to put my life  in gear once more. (As if I need a manufactured excuse!)

If you’d like to help inspire me, just comment.

"Tinkerbell Asleep" ©1991 Scott Gustafson

"If you believe," he shouted to them, "clap your hands; don't let Tink die."

*pseudopithy philosophical?