Mystery (©Cosmic Debris)

People say I’m mysterious. Not just here in El Mundo Bloggo, but in life as well. Although I’ve never made a conscious effort  it’s something I’ve been informed of for as long as I can remember. Some people tell me this admiringly, others slightly accusatorily.

In the spirit of openness, as we find ourselves in the interstice between those calendrical pillars of sharing– Tax Day and Earth Day– I’m making a limited-time* offer to you, Dear Reader(s). What do you most want to know about me? What’s been nagging you as you read my assorted ramblings and rants? Do I really have eyes of two different colors? Have I climbed that famous mountain in that far-off country? What’s “pannonica” all about? Did I once save a baby from drowning? The questions are yours to provide.**

Consider this an anti-meme, a youyou, a W.

*This offer ends 21 April 2009 whenever I damn well please.
**Questions will (or will not) be answered at the discretion of the Panniverse Conceit.™ Relatives and family members are ineligible to participate. An accompanying donation is not required for submission.