The multimedia tinkering at P A N N A C E A E A E has gone all 21st Century!

headset2 / Robin Goodfellow

That’s right. Behold. No more links to other sites. Music and >gasp!< videos are now available right here, all embedded-like. At your greedy little fingertips, Dear Reader(s) [and Listener(s) and Viewers(s)].

Life for me is once again being problematic but I’m doing my best in trying to put a good face on it. More than a bit of a struggle, so I’m doing a little bend-don’t-break, rope-a-dope dance with it. I could mope and moan, whine and complain*, channel the mean ol’ gutbucket Blues, but instead I’ll indulge in and share some ironic not-quite-blues Blues. Just so you know, I’m not referring to the “happy Blues.”

First thing I’m going to do is take the video feature for a spin. Here’s a classic skit by the comedian Robert Klein. If you already know it, I hope it brings back some good memories; if you don’t know it, I really hope you enjoy it.

The Blues definitely isn’t going to sideline him!

I'm Alright “I’m Alright” by Loudon Wainwright III, from the 1986 album I’m Alright. Talk about cheating Death! The talented Mr. Wainwright, tongue firmly in cheek, taunts Death with fake-outs and gotchas. I’m resolved to learn from his example.
“Yawn Blues” by Fay Lovsky with Joost Swarte, from the 1991 mini-album Jopo in Mono. Talented Dutch musician and songstress Fay Lovsky (perhaps the only person in history to change her name to sound Polish; her birth-name was “Luyendijk”) and talented Dutch cartoonist and designer Joost Swarte. Haven’t we all had days like this? Jopo in Mono

*Okay, so maybe I am doing some of that, but it’s out here in the real world where you, my virtual acquaintance(s), don’t have to be exposed to it.