I just want to say that I like my technology more on the cold and impersonal side rather than of the soft and cuddly, overly-friendly persuasion. Here a few examples that immediately spring to mind, but the phenomenon is manifest everywhere, and getting worse with each passing day.

wordpress-logo-green I do not like that WordPress’ Dashboard says “Howdy, pannonica” when I’m signed on.


I do not like that the twitter home page asks, like a nosy child, “What are you doing?” (I swear there’s a subliminal “huh, huh?” after the query.) Also reminds me of Clippy the evil Microsoft “assistant.” Facebook has the gall for its caption bubble (“What are you doing right now?”) to emanate from my avatar, as if I were asking myself the question! At least twitter has the decency to let the twitter logo be the culprit.


I do not like ATMs that inform that they’re “happy to help me,” that it’s their “pleasure to be of service,” or some other locution that suggests emotive sentience.
rise-of-the-machines Terminator 3 had it right, at least judging by the subtitle: “The Rise of the Machines.” I haven’t actually seen the movie. Nevertheless, I’m confident my vision is incomparably darker, though. Inteddy-ruxpin the Panniverse™ the army of machines that rise to obliterate humanity are not sinister androids, but Teddy Ruxpin clones. That’s right, you heard it here first. We’ve been doomed since the first one rolled off the assembly line in 1985.