Yes, Dear Reader(s), I am still with it. As to what “it” is, I couldn’t tell you. (cf Bill Clinton’s musings on what the meaning of “is” is?) Nevertheless, it and I, having reached some variety of rapprochement, are offering a modest post by way of dipping our toes into the warm milk of human kindness. Wow, that was kind of exospheric. You can see why I and my friends never thought it was necessary for me to do any sort of drugs, no?

Anyway, just to tide over your potentially bated breathlessness* with beastie beatitudes, I’m including a couple of photos of the decidedly not mean-looking Ernestine. She is napping, which, being a cat, she is immensely skilled at, with a friend who looks a little bit like her:

nappy cat

groggy cat

All together now: “Awwwwwww!”

* I know, “bated breathlessness” doesn’t make any sense. So revoke my poetic license. Whatever.
nb: Perhaps little-known fact: Cousin Itt from the Addams Family was spelled that way, with a double-T. I learned this from doing crossword puzzles.