Mark Tansey, Interception (1996)

Mark Tansey, Interception (1996)


Recently saw a post soliciting the contents of people’s nightstands over on Steve’s Rebooted website. Or Steve Rebooted’s website. Not sure.

In any case, I commented but of course in typical panneccentric behavior avoided answering the question. Now however I find myself in a speculative mood. What if, what if… I kept night in my nightstand?

No matter what time I went to bed it would always become night if I so desired. By opening the stand’s drawer just a little, night in its inky darkness would be slowly released, gently suffusing the bedroom with twilight and eventually cloaking it in total darkness. Alternatively, I could open the drawer wide and night would fall, violently, shudderingly, as in a cartoon. By opening a valve on my alarm clock, it would ineffably draw in the darkness and, when it had reached whatever capacity I had previously set it for, would translate the murk into a suitably noticeable noise. While going about my daily activities, night would drain from the bottom of the clock and seep through into the drawer, ready to begin the cycle all over again.


nb: This theory is the mild-mannered stepchild of De Selby’s; he is the professor who footnotally appears in Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman.