Just about anyone who’s spent any time wasting time on the internet has probably come across one of those collections of photographs showing similarities between celebrities, objects, and so on. They’re usually called something like Separated at Birth? or Twins?  Here’s a pretty good example that I came across recently, just in case you (a) have no idea what I’m talking about or (b) can’t get enough of them.

It’s spurred me to share one of those comparisons that’s plagued me but I have yet to come across without the benefit of actually searching for it. Tell me what you think:


If you’re having a little trouble making the connection, I’ve taken the liberty of Photoshopping a couple of minor variants to aid in your perception:


I’d like to take a moment to apologize for the extreme superficiality of my recent postings, with their preponderance of music clips and the like. This blog is decidedly not about my quotidian existence, and when the crushing weight of Life presses just a little bit more urgently on my feeble shoulders, my response, perhaps paradoxically, is to fill these pages with things that are even less relevant than the usual dross.