courtesy Chisholm-Larsson Gallery

Hello kiddies! It’s that time of the week again: multimedia infestation! The incarnation this go ’round isn’t exactly food for thought, it’s more like vice-versa: a little brain food, maybe? Behold “Zombie” by eccentric/eclectic/disturbed singer-songwriter Nellie McKay (that’s pronounced Mik-KAI), a playful romp of a fad-dance song with a drop of pop-culture sociology tossed in the mix.

nb: This track does not appear on the compilation Pannoween 2008, available to S.L.O.B.S. and friends thereof by following the directions in the preceding post. For the password to the post, please e-mail me directly or use the contact box on this page of my blog.

nb: Audio tracks will remain available for approximately 2 weeks after date of post; if you are interested in hearing something you have missed, please make a request in the comments.