I’ve always wondered if there’s a preponderance of boys named Jason born in November.

My thinking goes thusly: the expectant parents are looking at the calendar and see July/August/September/October/November. Even in the Age of Google, I’m not sure the necessary demographic data is easily available to confirm or disprove my hypothesis. There’s an organic body care company called J/Ā/S/Ö/N and I suspect, primarily because of the slashes, that the name is derived acronymically.

This sort of querying doesn’t work too well here at chez pannaceaeae (because of the paltry* visitorship), but I’ll throw it out heedless: do you know of any unusual name geneses and methods, possibly or partially subconscious, that parents use for their children?

* I mean paltry in terms of quantity, not quality. My Dear Blog Reader(s) are absolutely the best.