I know I’ve been getting carried away with the whole Panniverse™ conceit, so I’ll here apologize if it’s been getting under the skin of my regular reader(s). Nevertheless, I’m having trouble kicking the habit, as evidenced by my latest escapade.

I sashayed over to the Converse website (warning: it plays music unsolicitedly; the control button is in the lower left of the screen) and created a pair of custom suede Chuck Taylors. They’re low-key high tops in stately blue and grey (no intentional Civil War connotations):

The neat thing, as no doubt you’ve noticed, is that, aside from a whole phalanx of color options, one can personalize the heel seam with up to 10 characters. I was so tickled with the idea of Panniverse™ Converse that I’m seriously considering actually purchasing this creation (meager justification: I currently own no sneakers, Converse or otherwise). They aren’t ridiculously expensive, but I’m trying to hew to a shoestring budget: very conflicted.

Am I in need of a Twelve-Step program? An Eight-Hop one?

(Uh-oh, I think planetross‘ blogstyle is affecting me.)