(I think) most people envision their dream house to be something out of a Condé Nast publication: some pretty-as-a-pin Victorian restoration, something sleek and modern, some Colonial behemoth that Martha Stewart would give her right leg (or whichever’s the one with the house arrest bracelet) to own, something with jaw-dropping views of a natural vista, some luxe penthouse in the sky.

My wants are much more modest. Although a lot of those appeal to me and I probably wouldn’t turn any of them down, except maybe the Colonial behemoth, I’d require just two things: well-designed closets and transparent appliances. Yes, transparent appliances! Dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, washer/dryers, all that stuff. For the longest time I’ve had this desire.

Sometimes you see transparent versions of these devices as demonstration models, but I’d go gaga if I could actually own durable, working ones.


I found copies of these two photographs from a Japanese trade show all over the web, but the descriptions are conflicting. According to some, they are actual commercial models, others say that they’re merely demos. Regardless, I adore them.

Anyway, I’m too hypocritical (throwing stones) and seclusive to live in an actual glass house

Glass House (Philip Johnson, 1949)

Glass House (Philip Johnson, 1949)

but I’d love to have a whole set of those appliances, yessiree. Now, I wouldn’t go crazy, lusting after these sorts of things:


That’d be silly. I just want the major appliances, the built-ins.

Oh, and a pneumatic tube from the mailbox to the house.